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Marquette's "Joy is..."  debuted this past week and quickly amassed over 38k views within days.  Marquette Student Ariana Madsen delivered a silky rendition of Joy to the World for all. Directed By Robb Fischer & Stacey Nash. DP: Robb Fischer. Editor: Ben Krutzik. Audio: Bill Armstrong & Peter Batchelder. Produced by Sue Karpfinger, Circle Pictures. Happy Holidays Friends!

Stacey Nash. A Documentary Filmmaker specializing in storytelling for brands.

Very pleased to announce our recent signing of Director/Producer Stacey Nash to the Circle Roster of Artists!  This past month she directed two projects for us flawlessly for Boelter Lincoln (Badger Mutual) and For Marquette for their "Joy is" project (co-directed with Robb Fischer)

Stacey has honed a candid, nimble production style creating content for ABC Sports, NBC Olympics, Bravo, VH1, & MTV. This easily translated into directing and producing social media campaigns for MRY and Big Fuel on brands such as Neutrogena, MSN, Adidas, and Jet Blue. Onward she was hired as Creative Director at Northwestern Mutual, writing, producing & directing extensive campaigns centered around personal triumphs, challenges, and dreams big and small. She is an encyclopedia of all things sports. Just mention the Olympics and she lights up with trivia of the worlds greatest athletes. She can put anyone at ease in front of the camera and intuitively understands the big picture.  Check out her work here!

Represented exclusively in the USA by Circle Pictures.  

Circle Pictures signs Director Arthur Ircink.
Director Arthur Ircink | Circle Pictures

Circle Pictures has brought aboard Director Arthur Ircink for exclusive commercial representation, joining Robb Fischer, Starbeast, Nick Collura and Vinnie Besasie. Arthur is the Creator, Producer & Director of Wisconsin Foodie, an Emmy-award winning TV series highlighting the incredibly talented artisans, growers, and restaurateurs in the Midwest region.  Reaching millions of people, WF has connected its viewers with food stories from their community, with the goal of encouraging people to eat fresh, eat local, and support their local economy.  

"You can put Arthur anywhere, with anyone and he'll bring out their best story.  His enthusiasm, and genuine interest in makers and their process shine through.  His commercial work is a fluid mixture of storytelling, sophisticated presentation of food & products,  and high quality filmmaking. We are thrilled to be able to work with Arthur and feel he provides a unique style and expertise our clients will appreciate." - Circle Pictures.  

His current projects include work for BitterCube Bitters, B&E's Trees, Stoney Acres Farms, American Cookware, Milwaukee Bucks as well as a feature documentary about the award winning cheesemakers at Upland Cheese Co.  Reel coming soon.

Temporary Resurfacing

THIS ROCKS!  Hats off to the organizers of one of the cities most interesting events... Temporary Resurfacing, where neighborhood, art, film, and wonderment converge!  Circle Pictures Documented the event.  Thanks to our amazing crew: Director/ Editor: Sitora Takanaev, DP: Robb Fischer, Additional Camera: Pang Yang Her, Mike Krieger, Nick Collura. Producers: Sue Karpfinger, Lynn Reif - Circle Pictures.  Long Form Documentary / Full version to be released soon!  Stay tuned!  For more information on the event or to get involved... go to: http://temporaryresurfacing.org or check out their FB page: Temporary Resurfacing.

Temporary Resurfacing is an outdoor multi­-video projection event. 

Artists, Demitra Copoulos, Marla Sanvick and Maeve Jackson, work with property owners and artists to produce a -one night only- public video art event. Temporary Resurfacin engages two city blocks of West Historic Mitchell Street with multiple video projections by over 30 regional, national and international artists. Video works are simultaneously projected onto the exterior surfaces of buildings as well as within. Interior and exterior video installations of varying scales, from building size projections ­­ filling entire facades to small intimate spaces located at street level, in pedestrian walkways, business entrances and storefronts. Local food trucks vend on the street and event programs are available.

Sue Karpfinger
Feast your eyes on STARBEAST

The Ferryman 



"This short film is a labor of love that we’ve nurtured in between client projects for the last 4 years. It is inspired by pulp comics, 70’s sci-fi and forged from a desire to create a visually striking and compelling silent film set entirely to music." - Nick Losq of StarBeast.

“The Ferryman” is inspired and adapted from french graphic novel “Les 6 Voyages De Lone Sloane” by Philippe Druillet, set to “Eclipse Blue” by Nosaj Thing featuring Kazu Makino.

Haunted by the life he had to leave in order to support his family, The Ferryman, a weary and embittered freighter, begins his long and conflicted journey home. Without warning, he is violently and mysteriously summoned to a dark and ancient planet. There, he is put to the ultimate test: succumb to the darkness that binds his mind, or continue to fight to honor those he loves… even if winning comes at a price.


A Starbeast Digital Production
Directed by: Nick Losq
Produced by: Lloyd D’Souza
Technical Director: Christopher Clyne

To view more work from STARBEAST click here!

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Sue KarpfingerSTARBEAST
Myanmar to Milwaukee. A story unfolds right next door.

Creative production company, Circle Pictures has commenced production on their first episodic documentary, & portrait series project, working title: The Refugee Picture Project : MKE. (#RPPMKE) Inspired by the work that local non profit, SEA-Literacy Milwaukee has been doing to support and nurture refugee families living, working and improving Milwaukee one day at a time, in community.  

Thanks to the efforts of MANY devoted social service organizations here locally, Milwaukee Is home to a vibrant and growing population of refugees from many war torn and heartbroken countries, Burma, now Myanmar being one of them. This project is their story, their experiences, their dreams, and what its like to have a fresh start in America. That, what we have in common and what differentiates us is actually quite beautiful, quite healing, and should be celebrated.

We will post updates when we have them to share, but in the mean time, If you'd like to volunteer either on the #RPPMKE project, simply Email Circle  OR please consider volunteering & donate directly to:  SEALMKE  or Lutheran Social Services (All Photos courtesy of Nick Collura for Circle Pictures. All Rights Reserved.


New to Circle's roster of Artists, is StarBeast, a FORCE for all things motion graphics, VFX, animation, and live direction. It's time to get to know them!  To start off... Here's a behind the scenes of a short film project the collective undertook you may not have seen yet.  STARBEAST worked with Directors TWIN on a short Film called Kaiju.  I've posted both the making of and the finished piece. (I don't know about you but I'm a big geek for behind the scenes peeks, as whenever the integration of Live action and post vfx is done RIGHT its invisible, seamless, maintaining the illusion that NOTHING has been done- which couldn't be further from the case!!)  Enjoy the tour and watch this space- more to come!

Sue Karpfinger
MU "Off Hours"

Circle Pictures wraps Marquette's latest "Off Hours" - Directed by Robb Fischer.

2 nights and a lot of action packed shooting at MU!    We were thrilled with the opportunity to help flush out and execute this great idea! Huge thanks To Lauren Burke and Kathleen Waterbury for pushing the envelope!  Our hats off to all the students who were so willing to participate into the wee hours of the night,  and made this such a great piece! -but hey, that's what they do!!!  Produced by Circle Pictures. Director/DP Robb Fischer. Editor: Ben Krutzik. Music Composition & Sound Design: Laurence Teixeria. Colorist: Ryan McNeal.

Off-Hours at Marquette

At Marquette, we redefined what it means to have off-hours. Our mission of excellence, leadership, faith and service is something we work at — from sun up to sundown and all the hours in between. http://www.marquette.edu/about/off-hours.php

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