MU "Off Hours"

Circle Pictures wraps Marquette's latest "Off Hours" - Directed by Robb Fischer.

2 nights and a lot of action packed shooting at MU!    We were thrilled with the opportunity to help flush out and execute this great idea! Huge thanks To Lauren Burke and Kathleen Waterbury for pushing the envelope!  Our hats off to all the students who were so willing to participate into the wee hours of the night,  and made this such a great piece! -but hey, that's what they do!!!  Produced by Circle Pictures. Director/DP Robb Fischer. Editor: Ben Krutzik. Music Composition & Sound Design: Laurence Teixeria. Colorist: Ryan McNeal.

Off-Hours at Marquette

At Marquette, we redefined what it means to have off-hours. Our mission of excellence, leadership, faith and service is something we work at — from sun up to sundown and all the hours in between.