Robb Fischer

Director | Cinematographer

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Robb Fischer is a director, a cameraman, a magician, a weightlifter  but most notably, a storyteller who knows how to capture genuine human emotions on screen. Whether its depicting the range of feelings a cancer patient goes through between diagnosis and treatment or the way a foster child looks at the world, Robb knows how to capture the subtleties and full range of the human condition.

Robb brings more than twenty years of experience and a passion for the art of storytelling and lighting to his work.

Directing and photographing award-winning commercials has taken him from remote villages in Belize to filming on tour with The Rolling Stones. He's shot diverse subjects from Ronald Reagan to Super Bowl spots for Go Daddy. Robb's credits include two feature films, documentaries, short films, music videos and an extensive list of commercials.

Combining a hard working, enthusiastic attitude with a love of visual storytelling, Robb creates images that both inspire and entertain.