Stacey Nash


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Stacey Nash is a director with a passion for telling genuine stories about real people. Her approach is always through the lens of a writer first which allows her to keep the heart of a story front and center.
Getting her start in NYC, she honed a candid, nimble production style creating broadcast content for VH1, MTV, ABC Sports and Bravo.
From there, Stacey moved into the commercial and social side, directing award winning content for brands like Neutrogena, Adidas, Jet Blue and MSN.
She currently resides in Milwaukee but continues to work across the country directing content for brands centered around personal triumphs, challenges, dreams big and small.
Her ability to mine emotion out of any situation is her secret weapon – from the deeply emotional to the raucously hilarious. Stacey can put anyone at ease in front of the camera, coaxing out the best of those who work with her. She intuitively understands the big picture and effortlessly connects the dots between story and brand.
She has won multiple awards for her work including an Emmy with NBC Olympics and the International Corporate Citizenship Film Festival. She has also won multiple Oscar pools at parties by cheating horribly and continues to have zero regrets.