Tyllie Barbosa - Behind the Scenes

Food | Product | Bio

Tyllie Barbosa is a Chicago based food and home goods photographer. Her beautifully crafted images have been published for well known clients such as the Food Network, McDonald’s, Land of Nod, and Elle Decor.

Her work is best described as spontaneous yet composed with elements of surprise and allure to create emotion. Always polished, Tyllie's work spans from sophistication to playfulness and back again.

When not traveling for inspiration, you will find Tyllie and her talented crew, shooting at her daylight studio in Chicago's West Side neighborhood, joyfully creating new and exciting images that highlight the latest in both food and product photographic trends, while creating innovative movements of their own. 

“I feel extremely lucky to do photography for a living. My philosophy is to have fun in a relaxed atmosphere around me, so I can do what I do best: create beautiful images.”

Constantly challenging herself to cultivate new concepts, Tyllie continues to enjoy the collaboration she has with her crew and her clients to create eye catching images and successful campaigns.

For inquiries, scheduling or to request a full portfolio,contact Lynn Reif at 414-585-9642 or lynn@circlepictures.tv